Empowering your rejection!

I started a job recently that I was promised a position of management. Weeks after opening the store waking up at 3 am almost everyday going to bed late (still doing it)  because I had two jobs but I knew it would be worth it, That “soon it will all come together” in my head recently came to a crash and burn its over. I was told that I wouldn’t be receiving the position due to seniority. Which I did not believe was fair. For once I thought okay I am not being looked at for how young I am or that I go to college full time I am being looked at for my hard work and dedication and perseverance. Wrong because when someone else just has seniority over you or they are louder than you (because I’m a very quiet person but I love to talk lol) they trump you automatically .. So you could imagine my heart break, my sadness, that feeling of defeat then I realized if I complain about this every time and sob, nothing is ever going to change. One day someone is going to see how much of a necessity I am to them and their company and I will be the one moving up, OR I will be the one owning the company moving others up in my company.  I have to Believe in myself and stand tall not get smaller (which I use to tend to do). So ladies and gentlemen Stand tall be proud of the work you do and what you’ve accomplished you may not be rewarded for it but inside you are because you know that you are the reason that, that day went smoothly or you are the reason Everything is going easy for the one above you because you did all the hard work. Never doubt yourself and make yourself known (I know I need to work on that as well).

My Goal for me and my readers: “stand tall, Speak loudly and be your own person don’t let anyone tell you there is something you cant do because the limit does not exist!” -Naylee

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3 thoughts on “Empowering your rejection!

  1. Beautiful!!!! great work!!! And great advice!!

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    1. 🙏 🙌👏

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  2. Just keep working hard and believe in yourself!! I never thought I would get promoted to Assistant Manager within five months of working in a field I had absolutely no experience in, but it happened! The road might be bumpy now, but in the long run, it’ll pay off. You’re a hard worker and such a caring person that it won’t take you long to get where you want to go! Good luck!!

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